Hello world!

Hi there. Since breaking free from the shackles of corporate life, I’ve figured it’d be helpful to document my musings, developments and otherwise pointless thoughts. Expect I’ll be writing for me and this mouse in my pocket for a while–but maybe that’s the point.

My topics will probably be a hodgepodge. One of the initial drives I’ve had to start this has been to document some of the PHP/WordPress snippets I’ve been using on some of my projects. I haven’t discovered anything radical or earth-shattering, but maybe they’ll be helpful timesavers to others. I also expect I’ll be able to use this place to share some of my own thoughts on topics–business, marketing, strategy, start-ups, etc. Not having to toe the party line or have a public persona that’s tied to corporate norms is definitely freeing—might as well take advantage of it.

We’ll see how this goes…

Hello world!

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