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Three Thoughts to Remember…

Time away from the usual routine is a good time to reflect. ¬†Reflection to look back at what I’ve done well and think about what I could have done better…and time to (hopefully) map out a good course for where to go next. ¬† That time also gave me a chance to run across a […]

Random Header for WooThemes’ One Pager

I’ve had a soft-spot for WordPress for some time now. My affinity for it grew quite a bit in the last year, having worked with some very impressive and talented individuals on architecting a SaaS website publishing platform. I’ve also been enjoying digging deeper into the inner-workings of WordPress on recent projects and ended up […]

Hello world!

Hi there. Since breaking free from the shackles of corporate life, I’ve figured it’d be helpful to document my musings, developments and otherwise pointless thoughts. Expect I’ll be writing for me and this mouse in my pocket for a while–but maybe that’s the point. My topics will probably be a hodgepodge. One of the initial […]